How do we create change?

By using research to connect people with the voices of lived experience.

About the ProblemAbout the team

What We Do

At Tackling Gambling Stigma, we use research to bring together powerful stories from a wide range of people affected by gambling harm. Here you will be able to find out what it is like to experience gambling addiction or be harmed by gambling through reading, listening and watching people share their stories.

The people you will hear from vary socially, culturally and economically and have different experiences of gambling harm. This experience will show you that gambling harm does not discriminate and can affect anyone.

How and Why

We gather information through interviews and look at what the people we speak to have in common and what is different about them. This gives us insight and reveals how and why individuals become dependent or addicted, the impact this has and what it takes for them to recover – from the perspective of those with the experience. This will show that despite the differences in their backgrounds, anyone can be impacted by gambling harm. By seeing real people struggling with gambling difficulties treated with empathy and understanding, we will create a safe space.

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Our Audiences

We have three main audiences:

  1. People experiencing difficulties
    By knowing that they are not alone and seeing others with similar experiences, people feel connected and encouraged to start on the journey to recovery.
  2. The public
    The general public will read and hear people’s stories and educate themselves on the realities of gambling harm and addiction. They will see those affected as ‘people like me’ and understand the issue from their point of view.
  3. Government and services
    The research will connect professionals and policymakers with peoples’ real experiences so that any attempt to make improvements to the system will genuinely meet people’s needs. The project will be used to push for changes to policies, regulations and any services available, to help reduce and prevent gambling harm in the future.

Together, we will tackle this stigma and discrimination.

Get Support

If you feel like you need support or someone to talk to about your own or someone else’s gambling, there are several organisations who can offer help, support and answer any questions you may have.

Take Part

We are inviting people to share their experiences of any kind of difficulties due to gambling.