In this section, people who have experienced harm due to gambling talk about the changes they would like to see to prevent harm and addiction from happening in the first place.

People describe the fundamental changes needed in gambling regulation. They say that the way gambling is talked about and shown needs to change. This is to prevent gambling harm to individuals, families, communities, and society.

People say that there must be no gambling industry influence on gambling research, prevention, treatment and on policy formation generally.

They describe the changes that they would like to see made to gambling treatment and support services. People also talk about changes that are needed for other institutions, such as financial services, the criminal justice system, in the workplace, and in education.

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The industry needs to step up and step up. like I’ve got to take responsibility for what I did, they have to take responsibility for what they did and how they’re behaving now. Lives have been lost because of their failures. Homes have been lost because of their failures. Families have been destroyed because of their failures.

It should be something that is more well-known because you’ve obviously you’ve got AA and things like that for people that have got other addictions, but GA, even I did it before when I thought I’m going to walk in that room there’s just going to be little old blokes sitting there… but it’s not like that at all. It’s really not… If you go in the doctors, you’ll always see signs for drug treatment and alcohol addiction, but you never see one for gambling problems. I think for it to be more known about and more easily accessible because you don’t know it’s there unless you Google it.

But the other major player in this game are the finance industries, the banks and the lending societies and those sorts of people who inevitably are the first people to see when somebody has a gambling problem or potentially has a gambling problem, they’re not obviously skilled to be able to state that.

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