Gambling Companies

In this section, people talk about their experiences with and views of how gambling companies operate.

People share their thoughts on how advertising, the design of the gambling products, the 24/7 availability of gambling, and the ease of accessing money to gamble contribute to gambling difficulties.

People also describe how gambling companies incentivise dangerous gambling and the role that these companies play in producing addiction.

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It was easier to start online because I was told to start online by the advertising, really. And then it was easier to do because I could feel my own way through it, and there was no pressure going into a bookmakers.

I had a number of accounts now. Every one of them, from every operator, would be saying, “Do you not want to try and come play our roulette? This looks like it’s something that you would enjoy.”

Why didn’t those credit card people phone me up or stop me? Because if they looked at my record, it was completely clean, I paid off regularly every single month, and the most I ever did on my credit cards was for shopping. So, it was unusual activity even then.

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