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An absorbing and pleasurable experience

People enjoy the whole experience of gambling. This goes beyond winning money. It is the feeling people get during the process of gambling. Different kinds of gambling give people different kinds of experiences. People like different sorts of gambling based on what kind of experience they prefer. Whatever the experience they get it is compelling and absorbing to them. Gambling companies design bets, games and venues to create bigger experiences around staking, winning and losing money.

For some people, the experience they like is adrenalin and excitement. It gives people a ‘buzz.’ It allows people to feel important and glamorous and celebrate being a winner.

I’d say mainly it was the winning, winning the money that was the big thing. And then at the casino you kind of have this, you think it’s a glamorous place and there’s a lot of if you’re winning there’s a bit of kind of bravado and a kind of ego thing going on there. When in reality… I would say it’s very different if you go to a casino on like a Friday night, 9:00 p.m. It’s very different if you go at that time, compared to if you go to the casino at, say, 11:00 in the morning on a Monday. That’s when you see what it is really.

Others like researching sports and bets and feeling like they ‘know their stuff.’ They feel like they are experts and better at it than others.

I loved football. Having a bet just added an extra element to it. And I felt like because I, because I loved football and I knew about football, it kind of gave me this, this edge where I felt like I could do the research into it and then pick a more informed bet. And so, so that went on for a few years. I think things only really changed after university. So around kind of 2005, 2006, when you had the likes of BetFair came along and gambling on your mobile phone became a thing. And I really got into BetFair in the sense that it was, you weren’t just, you weren’t just betting you could trade. So you could place a bet, but then if the bet was going your way, you could, you could then trade out of that position and lock in a profit and those sort of things. And I quite liked that angle of it. It felt like I wasn’t gambling, I was trading. So, so it’s kind of, I was, I was doing that for a while.


It could be feeling absorbed by the lights, sounds and pushing the button on a game. This made people feel soothed and safe while playing. 

I mean, the other thing it was probably just the colours because the one thing I didn’t do was have the sound on. I played in silence. I watched in silence. I was isolated, I was completely cocooned. There was no sound other than my house creaking or whatever. I didn’t have the sound. I didn’t like the sounds. So, you know, my brain had just completely adapted to the colours and the movement.

Some people especially enjoy what the experience of gambling is like in a particular venue, like casinos, arcades, bookmakers or a racecourse.

And then my brother, he started to attend the greyhound stadium, and he had had some long-term health issues as a child. And my parents encouraged me to go with him and support him. That if he got ill, I knew what to do. So that was quite a responsibility on me as a 16, 17-year-old boy or young man. And I used to go and support him and go to the greyhounds with him. I wasn’t particularly madly interested at the beginning, but the first time I went outside where the board’s bookmakers stand, you know, along the rail of the actual track itself, it was like sticking a needle into me. That whole atmosphere and the noise and the vibrancy of the gambling arena really sort of heightened my sense of elation, really, and I got very, very interested in that.

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