Gambling Experiences

Gambling causes gambling

Some people have said that they had not had difficult childhoods, nor were they particularly struggling in life. They were encouraged to gamble by all the advertising. Because gambling is addictive, gambling more caused them to gamble even more. 

You look back on things, and I know people who had huge traumas in their lives which led to gambling. I don’t think I ever had anything like that. I was a bit down at the time and that win on that in-play bet triggered something in my mind. You know, it was a huge hit of dopamine.


I was in the same job, and I was earning good money. My family life was stable. So why get into that? It wasn’t like I was, you know, in poverty or anything like that or, you know, it was just something that initially started as a bit of fun. And I enjoyed it and when you won it was a real buzz. And the weird thing is, when I did win, I’d buy things for my family. It wasn’t even me, I wouldn’t spend it on me.

It’s a hard one right because it’s strange that certain people couldn’t just do it whatever they want and then others can’t. It’s a weird one. I’m thinking about how that comes about. Everyone like young, old from any background or any household, any sort of upbringing, expect anyone. My upbringing was amazing. Mine was perfect, my upbringing and somehow I got into that. I don’t really know how to explain it.

Trying new ways to gamble

Often gambling worsens when people start a new kind of gambling that is faster. Where you can play non-stop without a break. You can win or lose larger amounts. For example, moving from pre-match sports betting where you have to wait for the outcome of the game, to in-play betting. Equally onto slots or casino games.

It was almost feeling like you were a pundit, like an expert at football, like I am. And like I said, I think it was after the element where if I bet sensibly and if I if I researched a game and picked it out, I think I was winning more often than I was losing. It was just doing it that way. If that wasn’t enough volume for weeks, there wasn’t enough. There wasn’t enough bats, it was, I think, in-play betting was probably my biggest weakness. So when I when I had bets that were placed before the match and were well thought out, they were often good bets and even if they lost, I could. I could sit back and say, Well, that was, I might hope I’d made the right decisions in getting to that bet. But then during the game, I’d be like, Oh, okay, I’ll bet on there being a goal in the first half, and then that wouldn’t come in, and then I found something else. And by the time the game is over, the money that I’d won from the central bank had all been wiped out by all in play betting at the same time.


So, I always sort of had a bit of an interest in it. And so, yeah, when I was 18, I sort of started going to the bookies now and again, but it wasn’t a problem for years. It was maybe like once or twice a week I might sort of go down and just spend a couple of quid and, you know, spend a couple of hours betting on horses and stuff. And that sort of went on for years. It wasn’t a problem for years. I used to work, I used to have a different job where I travelled around the country a lot, separate to DJing. I used to travel for both my jobs and so I used to stay in hotels and stuff a lot. I was away on my own, a lot. So quite often in the evening, it was sort of something to do when I was on my own. There was always a bookie nearby I could pop in and, you know, have a few bets on the horses or whatever. But it was never really a problem up until the sort of mid-noughties, probably around 2006, 2007, something like that, when the fixed odds betting terminals started appearing. I stayed away from them at first. I used to see everyone sort of throwing their money into them, and I was like, yeah, that’s not for me. And then the worst, stupidest thing I ever did, worst decision of my life was to start playing on those one day, and it spiralled very quickly. Before I knew it, I was like losing everything and it got out of control.


It is also when people move to a venue that is more appealing. Equally when gambling is more accessible. For example, from betting in a bookmaker, where they have to physically get to the venue that has closing hours, to gambling on a computer or phone, which is with them all the time. 

So, like when I was younger, you know, you go to like arcade type things, the classic story of when you’re on a holiday, when you’re a kid you go to those sorts of places. And I always wanted to go back and try and win more or win whatever. So I kind of knew that. like looking back now, on reflection, it’s easier to kind of see that like lit a spark, if you like, of that part of me that was interested in an unhealthy way with it. And then I guess as time goes on and you get older and you get more access to finance and stuff, it just grew and grew. And then, you know, I did like sort of sport betting and stuff, but it wasn’t it wasn’t like hindering my finances. Yeah, I’d say once I went to a casino that changed because it was, I guess, there was like a thrill and excitement of being live at the casino and winning and losing in that setting. So I kind of yes, I’d say the addiction grew from there, and then it got really bad when I discovered online gambling, because then you could just do it instantly from anywhere.


It was like an escape to go bingo. I’d end up going there three times a week, four times a week. To start with, it was just like, I’ll just buy the books and do the books but then you have the pound games at the side of the table, and you just sit there put in the pounds and put in the pounds. I think at one point I was probably spending, god knows how much, probably £400 a week, just going to bingo… And then I found online slots and online bingo and that is awful. It’s lovely if you can control how you use it, but it’s really difficult to control how you use it.

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