Tackling Gambling Stigma

Sharing real life experiences of gambling harm to tackle stigma and discrimination.

We are inviting people to share the stories they have of difficulties caused of gambling. This could be your own or someone else’s gambling.

We are interested in people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, gender or sexuality. We would like to hear about experiences of any kind of difficulties due to gambling, whether they be financial, social, mental or any other. However, in order to protect minors, you must be over 18 to take part.

Whatever your experience or background, we want to start a conversation with you. A conversation that could change lives.

What is involved?

If you choose to take part, you will tell your story in an interview with a researcher – informally, like a chat. You only need to talk about the topics you want to. We will arrange a time that works for you. This can be in person, a phone call or a video call.

We will share quotes from people’s stories on the website and in reports. After the interview, you decide how you want your contribution to be used, whether to remain anonymous, what parts of your interview can be shared in public and in what form (text, video or audio clips). You are in control of how your contribution is used.

For more information on how we will use your interview and how we will protect your information, please download our Privacy Notice.

You are free to leave the study at any time and without giving a reason. There are no incentives linked to taking part. However, reasonable travel expenses will be paid.

If you would like to take part or know more, please get in touch below.

Get in touch by emailing contact@tacklingstigma.com or filling in the form below.

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